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ISO 27001 Compliance

Secure, Comply, Certify is our unique three-step approach to achieving certification to ISO 27001. Our model goes one step further to implement crypto-gen, which strengthens your compliance to ISO 27001.

As ISO 27001 is centred around information security, your framework should include crypto-gen measures to assess the external threats which could compromise the security of your information. We have established relationships with consultants and certification bodies to implement Secure, Comply, Certify for you - a 360 degree approach to information security.


Features & Benefits

  • Address and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Secure your IT infrastructure from attack
  • Provide assurance and peace of mind
  • Fulfil your contractual obligations
  • Develop and enhance company policies
  • Enhance procedures for handling information securely
  • Develop a culture of security
  • Train staff to comply to ISO 27001
  • Enhance marketing by displaying ISO 27001
  • Enhance client trust
  • Benefit from competitive advantage for winning tenders
  • Globally recognised standard of excellence

About ISO27001

For a pre-ISO27001 assessment and/or more details on how Xyone can help you achieve this standard, contact us today.


Central Bank BSS

With the advent of Finance Business Act of No 42 of 2011 for Licensed Finance Companies, The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), in 2014, released an amendment to the direction on integrated risk management framework for Licensed Banks. The said amendment is for banks to implement a Baseline Security Standard (BSS) for Information Security Management with effect from 1st July 2015 [1].The goal of the BSS is to establish a minimum acceptable security standard for banks and to standardize the information security policies of such banks. CBSL in it stated that it had taken the globally recognized standard for information security, i.e. ISO 27000 Series, as the core concept for this amendment. CryptoGen provide consultancy services For customer to achieve the central bank base line security standard.