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End User Security Awareness EFFECTIVENESS

The Social Engineering Suite and Malware Testing Suite facilitate multiple application areas. They can be used for:

  • People testing and education
  • Technology assessments

How to test people and educate them? IT-security awareness training, people testing and education – We makes fake phishing campaigns and IT-security awareness trainings easy! It is the best solution to maintain vigilance against malware attacks and educate your organization to recognize cyber threats.

Everything is a campaign based on a scenario – And its easy! You can choose out of  100 different best-practice  templates when you create a campaign and adapt it to your own specific needs. There are all types of scenario templates available: Phishing (hyperlink, file/download, mobile storage device and even SMiShing),  awareness training or technical malware templates (see below).

Mixed and custom campaigns – Of course, you can mix your campaign with different scenarios and send different templates to different recipients. If you do not want to use templates you launch entirely custom-built phishing simulations.

Report, analyze, learn and improve your future simulations – Detailed state-of-the-art reporting generally fits the needs of risk management and GRC officers, or other stakeholders. Integrated dashboard and in-depth statistics provide the data necessary for IT-security specialists to analyze past campaigns or improve future ones. The integrated campaign comparison and trend analytics functionality facilitate this work, especially for larger organizations.

Rerun and become safer – Cyber threats and IT-security risks are real. Having a campaign-based view does not lead to a well-prepared workforce or a vigilant organization. Simulations and campaigns need to be run on an ongoing basis.

Educate your people and improve their cyber threat knowledge with predefined learning content or add your own training content.